JQuery Plugin that auto-types text onto the page - sampled from Typed.js


This was a quick spin-off of The author did a great job with it but there were some minor functionalities that were missing. I decided to take some of his (mattboldt) wonderful work and port it into something a little more fluid that allows for more customizability.

Some things I was looking to add were the capabilities to start/stop the typing actions, more customization for the cursor, pulling of strings from the page, etc...

Keep in mind that this wasn't straight copied from his work and there were a number of things I left out because I wanted to strip it down. Maybe in the future I'll add some of those other functionalities in, but for now it is what it is.

Code Example

$( "#divToPutText" ).typeForMe({
    whatToType: ["String Options 1", "Another String", "Third times a charm"],
    shuffle: true

or to call a predefined function:

$( "#divToPutText" ).typeForMe('stopTyping');

Here are the available predefined functions:

'beginTypeProcess'      // Deletes and re-starts the typing
'stopTyping'            // Stops the typing
'startCursorBlink'      // Re-starts the cursor blink
'stopCursorBlink'       // Stops the cursor blink


Add the typeforme.js file and a reference to JQuery. Then you can instantiate the plugin like so:

$( "#divToPutText" ).typeForMe();


You can access a number of the defaults when creating the plugin instance. Here are the defaults:

$( "#divToPutText" ).typeForMe({
    whatToType: ["String Options 1", "Another String", "Third times a charm"],
    shuffle: false,                   // shuffle the strings
    stringsElement: {                 // if pulling words from an element on screen
        element: null,                // Element to pull from ('.class', '#div', etc...)
        delimiter: ","                // delimiter to check for strings within the above element
    typeSpeed: 70,                    // Speed of typing
    startDelay: 0,                    // Delay at start
    backSpeed: 0,                     // Backspacing speed
    backDelay: 500,                   // time before backspacing
    loop: false,                      // Keep looping text?
    loopCount: false,                 // false = infinite
    cursor: {                         // Cursor character
        showCursor: true,             // Show blinking cursor
        character: "|",
        className: "typeformeCursor",
        blinkInterval: 550
    attr: null,                       // attribute to type (null == text)
    contentType: 'html',              // either html or text
    callback: function() {},          // call when done callback function
    preStringTyped: function() {},    // starting callback function before each string
    onStringTyped: function() {}      // callback for every typed string

Demo Page


I'm not 100% always watching my projects so please be patient if you submit any questions/comments. By all means I am always open to fixing any issues as well as answering some questions so feel free to blast away!